Saturday, July 28, 2007

On My 43rd Birthday I...

- drank wine in a hot tub with some women I'd know for over 20 years, some women I'd know for a few hours, and some women I'd know for some time in between (OK, that was the night before, but it counts)

- finished my novel (that would be the novel I'm reading)

- got emails and cards and phone messages from my mom, my dad (two emails and two voicemails from Europe!), my sister, and my best friend

- got a fine selection of trashy magazines from my sister; a cool tape measure and chocolate from E; and a Murakami novel, tiny reading light, and awesome rain boots from S

- got to see M twice!!

- ran around the lake, did yoga, and swam

- drank a gin and tonic on the terrace here

- ate dinner here

- went for one of my favorite walks at sunset

- slept in a tent

(and worked, but that was good too)