Sunday, August 26, 2007

Thoughts on Amy

So. Amy Winehouse. Just another junkie rock star in a fucked-up relationship, Sid and Nancy, Kurt and Courtney, Pete and Kate, ya, ya, blah blah blah. Right?

Except, you know, there's always the gender angle. (Really, there is, and if you doubt it, just tell me why we're always hearing about Lindsay and Britney's bad girl/mom exploits, and there's so little out there about bad boys? Yes, they're bad, but do you think maybe we put particular pressures on them because they're girls, and both the bad behavior and the excessive attention result from those pressures? Uh, yeah.)

Anyway, back to Amy. If you haven't been following the story (WHAT? You haven't been following the story? You don't have a sick fascination with junkie rock stars in fucked-up relationships? What's wrong with you? Oh, you mean what's wrong with me? Uh, yeah, but, hey, you're the one who's reading this blog, even if I'm the one compulsively googling Amy Winehouse.)...where was I? Amy. For deep background, you can read this Spin profile. For recent news, the Daily Mail is best. (Wow, trying to set up that link, I learned the BBC is making a Samuel Pepys movie--who knew?!) To recap this month's events: overdosed, cancelled European dates, in and out of rehab, cancelled American tour, beat up and/or was beaten up by her husband, and so forth.

So where's the gender angle? Well, Amy isn't the first junkie female rocker (can you say Janis? or even Billie Holiday?), but as far as my superficial thought is going this afternoon, she and Blake are the first major junkie rocker couple where the woman is the talent and the man is the hanger-on (please don't use this claim to attack my belief in Courtney's talent--she is talented, but he was the bigger star, and we're not talking about them anyway). And yet, she thinks she is nothing and he is everything. Amy Winehouse, award-winning major rock star, possessed of a killer voice and significant song writing chops, falls prey to the same old insecurities, the same old marriage plot, the same old same old. Ugh.

[Can you tell, from the proliferation of blog posts, that I am working today? Why, yes, I am, and getting a boatload of work done too. For real.]


thatgirl said...

I read the recent profile in RS and that's all I've read ... but that sense came across there too. Sad in so many ways.

thatgirl said...

ps: I have missed your celeb posts. And you are spot-on about Courtney. I re-bought "Live Through This" recently and I was surprised at, but for about four songs, how atrocious it was. Just bad. Not that this is your opinion. They were just his coattails, unmistakably.