Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Could This Be More Annoying?

Pretentious foodies + self-congratulatory Brooklyn

Makes me want to eat a Big Mac. In Trenton.


Kelly said...

in Trenton. I love it.

I actually love that this is happening, but wish it was directed to the masses. It's all so chi chi, and expensive. This is rich people food. There's a big movement for feeding the poor in Brooklyn, too, so I have hope.

the captcha line I had to fill out:



Libby said...

suddenly craving fritos.

Like Kelly says, it all sounds good, but so so expensive.

postacademic said...

Have I got a book project for you ... it's the foodie backlash, by foodies. Living in the uber precious bay area, I have a renewed appreciation for cook's illustrated and the Price Chopper!