Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Cat News Flash!

Turns out Johnny is Junie and Junie is Johnny.

S took a close look, and figured out that the cat we have been callling Junie on the assumption that she is a three-year-old female is in fact a male, and the cat we have been calling Johnny, believing him to be a one-year-old male is...female. We've gone back into the paperwork, and the mistake was perhaps made by the shelter, but could hinge on interpretation of terms like calico and tiger, given that they are both basically white cats with yellow splotches.

However, given that they have been neutered, and we have bonded with them as is, and they seem to be getting to know their names...we are now the owners of a one-year-old male cat named June Carter and a three-year-old female cat named Johnny Cash.

In other cat news, they are definitely out from under the bed, roaming the house, and quite snuggly. However, Junie has just started to scratch the sofa, which makes me not so happy. But S is getting a scratching post today (and I am trying not to think about the fact that our last cats disdained the scratching post and preferred the shelves of records, which is why all our records have shredded spines).


Libby said...

oh, the scratching of furniture...we tried a product called "soft claws" (google it) which are basically fake fingernails for cats. They do prevent scratch damage, if you can get the cat to hold still long enough to put them on!

I somehow love that their names are gender-reversed. Johnny knows all about that, right?

postacademic said...

Do what I should have done: keep a water spritzer bottle near the item of furniture and spritz them every time they scratch. It's all about deterrence, early and often. Dido has ruined EVERY chair in the house, and her predecessor Bounder ruined every record. They don't seem to go for leather or velvet however, if you are contemplating reupholstering.

Congratulations on your cats named Sue!

Libby said...

Um, mine went for leather.

jen @ negative lane said...

I'm loving the story of your "transgendered" cats and their names. Too funny.

As for the scratching, I second the water spray bottle suggestion. It's really effective. We also would make a sort of hissing/tsk-tsking sound whenever we had to spray-discipline them and now all we have to do is make the sound and they stop whatever they're doing and scatter.