Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why I Paid No Attention to Earth Hour

Because I don't think it will make a difference in either energy consumption or energy policy.

Because my family has spent plenty of time without electricity (hello, we lived in a tent), so I feel no need to raise our consciousnesses.

Because I'm kind of over symbolic action.

Because I don't listen to NPR.

Because it never crossed my mind to pay attention to it.

Because whenever I get dozens of tweets and Facebooks telling to do something (or telling me that everyone is doing something), I feel compelled to be ornery.

Because, after a Saturday of two parents at work and two children outside all day with babysitter, we were in various stages of incipient to fullblown crankiness, and a Project Runway episode seemed like the perfect occupation to generate familial harmony.

Because I'm sure I'm going straight to hell for various other sins of political incorrectness, not to mention general ill temper and evil doing, so I might as well just go.


Dawn said...

I didn't do it either for many of the reasons you listed here except I do listen to NPR.

Jackie said...

Ditto everything here, down to the ProjRun episode watching, though that happened earlier in the day for us. Which one did you watch? Ours was my favorite, the avant-garde epi where Chris and Christian blew them all away.

Anonymous said...

we are all going straight to hell whether or not we use candlelight during "earth hour"

Libby said...

I was at a conference, out to dinner...and missed it. I have no objection to turning the lights out for an hour--I think my neighborhood looks nice like that--but you're right about the obligatory nature of the event. My hotel asked us to turn our lights out but thankfully they kept the elevators running...