Wednesday, June 11, 2008


When I started writing this post in my head, it was going to be a wasteland of shredded concrete out of which one flower had just bloomed. In other words, the context was vast bleakness broken by a single beam of light.

Except then I thought about it, and really there are many flowers and beams of light. In other words, lots of things are great.

M and E are fabulous and having stellar ends of the year. The contractors are moving ahead with dramatic speed and they're very nice--and really, we are only disrupted by the noise, the dust, and the giant plastic sheet hanging across the living room, which sounds quite horrible as I type it out, but isn't so bad. S has a sous chef. I have some recent work triumphs (even though it doesn't feel like it). It's summer in East Town with all the spray park, basketball, barbecues, stoop-sitting, and all-round neighborhood outdoor socializing that implies.

Truly there are only two big problems, and they are really big, and in their bigness making it hard for me to get much of anything done in any other realm, but both will be resolved in fairly short order, though I'm not quite sure how, and then life will go on.

So, in fact, the day's accomplishment does not have much figural substance to it (see flowers and beams of light), but it is still a major accomplishment.

We have decided where to have the bat mitzvah.

(Oh, you want to know where? At the restaurant down the street. Which does mean there will have to be a B list. But none of you will be exiled to it. So no worries.)


Dawn said...

Well, I hope the other big things resolve themselves in some kind of miraculous way. Are you going to show pictures of the finished upstairs? And what does the summer hold for your family?

Libby said...

sometimes those seemingly small resolutions are most helpful for the way they remind you that resolution is possible. I hope the big things resolve themselves just as easily--and, as Dawn says, miraculously.