Thursday, June 12, 2008

An Image Says a Thousand Words

I'm not sure I can even read this article about sexism in media coverage of the Clinton campaign because the photo that tops it is so mind-boggling. No head, just chastely covered boobs? I wish I could think it was ironic. (The thing that boggled me most when I finally forced myself to read Judith Warner's return to blogging was the plethora of comments that thanked her for being the first person to say that the coverage of Clinton was sexist. I'm not even going to bother to link to the ZILLION women who have called the media out on this already, nor am I going to take Warner to task for ignoring them, because, basically, she has a chutzpah and belief in the importance of her own opinions that I can only envy, though she is dead wrong on Sex and the City, as per the one commenter who pointed out that we KNOW Sex and the City is ridiculous, we just enjoy a little ridiculous escapism once in a while, and, in fact, I think I will take her to task for the fact that her belief in her own intelligence is exceeded only by her lack of belief in the rest of us.)

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