Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Construction: Day 2

1 dumptruck full of debris

1 (purposeful) hole in the roof

1 (not-so-purposeful) hole in our bedroom ceiling

1 sheet of plastic hung across the living room to block off the front and attic stairs

many blown fuses

many piles of lumber

too much noise to work at home

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Dawn said...

It's about time! I dreamt about you last night. I had a dream that you had me and one other blogger who I've never met and you made us really big shrimp. I was having a great time until I remembered that I'd forgotten to tell my family I was leaving town and then I couldn't get your phone to work so I very sadly had to get back on a plane to go home. You had a new bedroom in the dream, too. I must be PSYCHIC!!!