Saturday, November 15, 2008

California Dreaming

I don't think about California for months at a time, and then suddenly the desire hits me, like a punch in the stomach (sorry for the cliche, but that's really what it's like).  The yearning is palpable, physical.  I see whatever place I miss in front of my eyes, and I'm desperate to be there. This time, again, it's the road from San Rafael to Point Reyes, the climbing green meadows, before you enter the woods.  I feel just desperate to be there.

(This evening, a clear cause: a California scene in Julia Glass's new novel through which I am diligently plodding, but, oh, California...)

(Can you tell, from the three posts today, that yesterday I once again decided I might as well give up the blog?)


Dawn said...

Oh dear, you're plodding? I'm re-reading Three Junes right now and I still love it but kinda forgot that Fenno is pretty plodding, too. But I loved the first section this time around much more than I did the first time I read it.

BarbaraCA said...

Every time we came back to California to visit, I would cry and announce it felt like home. Now that I live here again, I thought the "wow" factor of the coastline and the big trees would fade - but it hasn't. I am very lucky indeed.

jackie said...

Is that the one with the female chef who moves to New Mexico? I had issues with that one too, but ended up feeling good about the book overall.

I'm not the one to be urging anyone to keep blogging right now, but I always enjoy your posts.