Sunday, November 02, 2008

La Vida Chez Moi

My kids are playing--and I quote--"pirates in Hawaii who steal clothes from the Queen of England."

OK, then.

(This post makes me think that maybe I should be twittering...)

Edited to add: I was working in the living room, and then they started to play in the living room, so I moved to their bedroom, specifically to M's bed, but somehow their game moved to their bedroom, and came to involve much checking in with me as to the realism of various costume options. It's really time for this renovation to be finished and me to have a place to work. Not that that would necessarily help. (I believe the game now involves teenagers in LA on Halloween--not sure what happened to the Hawaiian pirates.) (E: "Mommy! M just called me snobby.")

(Perhaps twitter is not for me after all...)

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