Saturday, December 27, 2008

Recipe for a Restorative Day

1. Aunt M. Need I say more?

2. Free Anusara yoga class in apartment yoga studio on 72nd Street. The kind of mindfulness schtick you usually abhor, but this time it hits the sweet spot, plus the teacher is spot on with the minute physical adjustments that make all the difference. Your partner in double tree pose says you are so steady. Little does she know.

3. Korean baths with sitting and standing showers, hot and cold pools, seven saunas, and outdoor massage/jet pools with steam rising under a dove-gray sky.

4. Alice's Tea Cup, especially the pumpkin scone.

5. Walking in the foggy park at dusk, otherwise known as riding E's unicorn to London, Paris, and Japan.

6. Drinks (short and tall, both delicious, even when mixed up) with Jenny who a) brings books, and b) is at once perfectly sympathetic and perfectly sensible, a rare combination.

7. Knitting while listening to Guys and Dolls (last night it was knitting while listening to Bach) (Guys and Dolls and Bach courtesy of the rarely heralded Uncle J.).

And so to bed (after a bit more knitting and music, and perhaps some book).


Jenny Davidson said...

It was a delightful evening! Tall and short are both good...

Kelly said...

that sounds like a perfect day...and makes me miss the city all the more.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that aunt and uncle combination THE BEST? Love, Aunt S

Libby said...

sounds like a fabulous way to prepare for the new year. merry happy!

addy said...

I want to see this knitting tomorrow.