Monday, December 08, 2008

Sometimes I Can't Believe My Life

This was my day:

6:30 Get up
7:00 Leave for first workplace
8:00-10:00 With new client (this is going to be a tough one)
10:00-10:15 Debrief with new client's boss (luckily we're on the same page)
10:30-11:15 Work in cafe down the street
11:15 Drive to second workplace
11:30-12:30 With client (she's doing much better than last week, yay!)
12:30-1:00 Work in client's boss's office, next to her boss, who is also a client and my friend (lots of these people are my friends--I work with a lot of good people)
1:00-2:15 Planning meeting with my friend and another consultant whom I've only met in passing (she's awesome, as is my friend--I love working with awesome people)
2:15 Drive to third workplace
2:30-4:30 Crank out a boatload of work
4:30 Drive home
5:00 Pick up E (new schedule involves more driving but gets me home earlier and works better for E and my mom, who no longer has to pick up E on Mondays)
5:15 Read newspaper
5:30 Make dinner, eat dinner, be completely attentive to M and E as they do homework and create projects, blog (the rest of this is projected, but I know how it will be)
9:00 Put E to bed
9:15 Put away laundry, make up bed for my dad who arrives tomorrow
9:30 Put M to bed
9:45 Work on newsletter for 7 a.m. board meeting tomorrow morning, maybe do a bit more work, perhaps hang out with S if he ever gets home, eventually go to bed

And this is not at all unusual, in fact, it's like this two-three days a week, though two other days I do get to spend the whole day in one place, and one day I try to stay home, aside from early morning board meetings, which happen at least twice a month, and other such sundry activities...

Edited to add: But, you know, it was a really good day.


Libby said...

I think you may actually be a poster child for this whole "career lattice" thing. As I stare down the pile of essays to be graded, I have to confess to more than a twinge of envy.

Dawn said...

This sounds very similar to my life except that I rarely work on-site and at least one of those meetings is taken up with homeschooling type stuff. I can't decide if I envy myself for not having to leave the house as much or envying yourself for being able to drive around with kids in the back seat.