Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thinking About Bernie Madoff

My dad thinks that his sons were in on it, but Madoff knew he was going down, so he told the sons to turn him in, so they could get off.  In other words, though he is the epitome of evil scum, he's a good Jewish dad (I took it to that conclusion, not my dad).

It makes me furious to think that right this minute he is lounging in his Park Ave apartment, eating sable on his bagel, reading the NY Times, with his bracelet around his ankle, and his private security guards in his lobby, when kids who do so much less--and have so much less--languish in jail (we were discussing him at breakfast this morning, and decided it was sable).

You can only get so upset about rich people losing lots of money, but the foundations?  He took money from charitable foundations, which only enhances his position on the evil scumometer.  An organization I'm involved with had a site visit from one of those foundations the week before he was arrested.  I guess that's one grant that's not going to be funded.  Along with a lot more.  At a moment when foundations are so important, and so under siege.

I just have no truck with greed.  Especially the greed of people who already have more than enough.

And I just have to say, naive though it sounds, that I so hate it when Jewish people suck, especially in such stereotypical ways.

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