Thursday, January 22, 2009

In Which I Am Cutting Edge

You people who have been laughing at me for organizing the books in the new study by color? Take this! [link from Local K]

(This has been my dream since I used to sit on the living room couch in our bungalow in Berkeley, imagining what it would be like to arrange the variegated books on the surrounding bookshelves by color--orange Penguins, green Viragos, creamy World's Classics. In London, we used to sleep in a friend's study cum guestroom lined with shelves of green-spined garden books. So far I have a preponderance of black [at one end of the shelves] and white [at the other, including some fascinating juxtapositions like Charlotte Salomon, Gandhi, and Shelley Winters], with a solid middle of red, pink, purple, orange, and brown, along with quite a lot of blue shading to gray, below the black.)


Kelly said...

oh, I've been dreaming of doing the same thing! But I don't have a book shelf big enough to deal with it yet... we're moving the giant ugly IKEA cube case upstairs to L's bedroom tonight...and all the baskets of small toys along with it. But that means I lose six shelves for books. But yes, one of these days, they will be organized by color and my ugly brown rug will be replaced with gorgeous hard wood.

Libby said...

Mariah arranged her books by color in her room before she left. There was a surprising block of yellow among them that I never would have noticed otherwise! I'm sending the link to her...she'll love it.