Saturday, January 17, 2009

Let's Just Take a Baseball Moment, Shall We?

How much do we love Youk?

For me, I never saw myself on another team. I've always seen putting on that Red Sox uniform every day, putting on that 'B' on the hat. This is home to me. I don't know any other place other than Boston to come to the field every day and to live. For me, it's a great feeling just to know that I can be here and stay here for a long time.

We love him.

And good for you, Tek, for going behind the Antichrist's back! As I've told Theo, here's what he needs to do: create a contract which gives the guy some respect, and, if the power doesn't come back, eases him from the field into the bullpen as a pitching coach. Nobody will regret it.

Only four weeks till pitchers and catchers report!

(And only three days till the first day of the rest of our country! I'm starting to get all chills and shivery. Whatever fails to meet people's expectations, our president's people are not into torture! And Michelle is going to be in the White House!)

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