Thursday, June 09, 2005

See You In a Bit

Some things I've been wanting to blog about:

- How enchanting it is when E looks up at me and whispers, "You're beautiful."

- M's third grade picnic. How I organize the picnic every year which is (shh, don't tell anyone) the easiest thing in the world but I get enormous props for it from M and everyone at school. Hanging out with my third grade mom posse. How sad it makes me every year that the kids who have the hardest time in school--and the hardest lives--don't make it to the picnic.

- Lionel Shriver's We Need to Talk About Kevin and A.L. Kennedy's Paradise. OK, so one's about a school shooting and the other is about a hopeless alcoholic, but they are two of the most beautiful novels I have read since I can remember. If you're the slightest fan of great writing and novels that make you think, go read them now!

- How I feel like such a grown-up when I'm on the phone to my realtor, especially when I'm leaving her voicemail. Which makes me think of a conversation I had maybe fifteen years ago with a friend a few years younger than me about how I felt like I would never be a grown-up and she felt like she was already a grown-up. She's now married to a famous man 20 years older than her and has stepsons ten years younger than her and an architect-renovated city house and a country house with an apple orchard where they have a cider pressing party every fall. She still seems remarkably grown up to me.

- The rate at which vodka tonics should be drunk to maintain tranquility without tipping into either a buzz or distress.

- The excellent new stages my kids are in. E is suddenly a big kid, tall and skinny, growing out her bangs, independent and articulate. M has become a nine year old: absolutely certain that she is the only one who has any sense because little kids are little, teenagers are ridiculous, and parents, well, parents are hopeless (credit to S for this observation, but he's absolutely right). Luckily this is as charming as it is annoying.

- That after all Courtney has said and done, I still love Hole.

But the moving van comes tomorrow, the computer is getting packed today, there's kind of a lot going on, and I think I need to stop blogging for a bit. Maybe a week or two.

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jackie said...

good luck on your move, I'll miss your blogging but understand!

also, i still love Hole too. and even C-Love's last solo album was worth the price of purchase, for me. I heard recently that she's working on a new album with Billy Corgan, and I'll probably buy that one too.