Thursday, September 20, 2007

I Did It So You Wouldn't Have To

Yes, I did, I watched the premiere of Gossip Girl.

Come on, what do you expect from the world's greatest 90210 fan? OK, maybe not the world's greatest, but dedicated for sure, and to Melrose Place too. I never got on the O.C. bandwagon, but it wasn't for lack of desire. I watched the premiere, because B's cousin was in it, and quite enjoyed it, but then watching TV regularly is such a challenge for me these days. And I always pause at the DVD when we're getting movies, but the commitment, oy, the commitment...

So, will I commit to Gossip Girl? Probably not.

Rich kids, inappropriate parents, partying in limousines, partying in bars, partying at parties, fast-cut soft porn, glitz, more glitz.

Good boy, bad girl trying to be good, really bad boy, young innocent girl, ambiguously boring boy who cheated on ambiguously boring girl with bad girl trying to be good back when she was bad.

I mean, no redeeming features, but quite fun.

Sort of Dangerous Liaisons on TV, without John Malkovich.

And the bad girl trying to be good heroine looks kind of like Cate Blanchett meets Giselle with a touch of Kate Moss and a tiny bit of young Ellen Barkin. Not that she looks anything like a high school student, but that's not the point.

Hmm, maybe I will watch again...


Libby said...

Mariah gave up after ten minutes. She's read (and enjoyed) some of the books, and though the series just missed the point entirely. She swears I read one of the books, too, though I have zero recollection of it. (Hmmm, was it before I kept my logs? Must check...)

Dawn said...

Brett just asked me if your blog is really high-falutin' and now I have to show him this entry. Also he asked me if you were a fan of the red sox so I had to show him your last entry. (He was surprisingly surprised that you blog them!)