Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lucy, Daughter of the Devil

We have been anxiously watching Lucy's development, for many reasons, and we are thrilled that she has finally reached the little screen. Unfortunately, Adult Swim is a little late for us (yes, all of us, even the actual adults), but luckily there is also YouTube. (I only discovered the previous link's worth of video while googling for the show's website, so I've been relying on YouTube, and what the hell is wrong with those Adult Swim people that they haven't made the show a real website?) Luckily, too, Lucy has at least one maniacal fan who is serving up all things Lucy.

Really, take the time to watch at least the YouTube clip. It's funny. Very funny. And twisted. We like twisted. Hell, even my mom likes twisted, when it comes to Lucy. And we want everyone to love Lucy as much as we do and make her a huge hit so Cartoon Network orders lots more episodes and people we love get rich. And happy, of course.

Only don't watch it at work.

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