Monday, September 17, 2007

Off the Deep End?

I think I have been quite reasonable on the lice front. Anxious and insecure, yes, but I have neither shaved everyone's heads nor rubbed in a bit of shampoo and ignored it. There has been a lot of combing and laundry, a bit of internet searching (really, not that much, considering), one dose of chemicals and one dose of home remedy (dubbed, in our home, Operation Saladhead: mayonnaise, followed by white vinegar).

Today, though, I did something ridiculous. I threw out every single hair band, including the ones at the bottom of the box, which may never even have touched the head of a member of this family.

I was at the drugstore, buying more laundry detergent for the really quite unbelievable heap of laundry in the basement. I saw the hair accessories. I realized that for ten dollars, give or take, I could buy two dozen thick black hairbands, two dozen thick colored hairbands, and a massive hunk of thin colored hair bands. And then I wouldn't have to worry about the hairbands.


Now back to our regular routine of laundry and combing.

[I hope lice positing will cease soon. And then maybe I'll post about lucid dreaming. Or vetoing children's health care. Or misbehavior at religious school.]

1 comment:

Andi said...

Have you read Marion's essay on the 10 stages of dealing with lice?

(By the way, I can only hope for some of your equanimity when the lice eventually come to call here. You are definitely taking this in stride!!)