Friday, March 07, 2008

And What Did You Do With Your Friday Night?

I enabled other people's lives. Which isn't so bad.

I made dinner for two first graders and two sixth graders. I ate dinner with two first graders and two sixth graders, and discussed matters of first and sixth grade.

I packed sixth graders off to free skate and settled first graders in front of High School Musical with cherry italian ices and bunny peeps.

I made a chocolate cake for the cake walk at the school festival tomorrow (a Devil's Food from some silly baking cookbook we got at a book sale--not such a great recipe as the boiling water stirred into the cocoa was not sufficient, leaving the cocoa in little balls which did not diffuse as the batter was mixed, but it seemed a bit better when removed from the oven, and looked quite nice covered with an easy chocolate icing and M and Ms).

I cleaned the kitchen.

I took the other first grader home, because her parents are OUT and there was a babysitter.

I picked up my sixth grader and another sixth grader (a different one), and took them to their sleepover, so that the other sixth grader's parents could go OUT because their seventh grader was away skiing so they didn't even need a babysitter.

I put my first grader to bed.

I did some work.

The excitement never stops around here.

(I will say that the first graders dancing on the futon were pretty cute, and dinner was quite entertaining, and the parade of minivans and station wagons at the rink was amusing, as was the crowd of post-skate middle schoolers.) (But I'd rather have been drinking gimlets in a dive bar.) (Or, at least, I'd rather know that some day I will again drink gimlets in a dive bar.)


Jenny Davidson said...

Might be that next time you're in NY, you and I could drink at least one or two gimlets in a dive bar, eh?!?

Kelly said...

that is a very busy Friday night.

I'd like a little reassurance about the gimlet/dive bar prospects in my future, as well.

Libby said...

count me in for the gimlets, too.

addy said...

let's have gimlets in a dive bar when I come to visit!

landismom said...

Well, at least someone had a memorable night:)!