Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Arlen Specter, Phone Home

I'm not a Patriots fan--not that I'm against the Patriots, just that I don't care at all about football--but I don't know what Arlen Specter's problem is. The blurb on the article says he wants to do a Mitchell report on the Patriots taping thing which seems just a bit disproportionate, no? Steroids throughout a sport versus a single team and a few tapes? Not exactly parallel. And anyway, I wasn't so crazy about the Mitchell report--it's SPORTS, people, not capital punishment. And yeah the influence on young people, health, money blah blah blah (why, yes, I've already said all this), but still: sports. I haven't actually read the article, which I suppose is lame, but really I do not care enough about this to read it, but I do care enough about my country to say that I do not think we should be wasting our resources on investigating the Patriots when we have a mortgage crisis, escalating gas and food costs, a war, inadequate funding for I need to go on?!

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