Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Slackerdom Triumphs Again

I only turned my attention to the summer a few weeks ago, when my own situation started to become clear. Yes, in April I realized I needed six weeks of serious childcare--and the two weeks of camp which were all I'd signed E up for only overlapped with one of those weeks. But once again, luck and the kindness of friends have prevailed, and I have managed (KNOCK WOOD) to construct just the kind of summer I want for M and E.

E: two weeks of farm camp; one week of drama camp; five weeks of two days with friend's babysitter, one day with our new fabulous babysitter, one day with Mommy, one day with Daddy; four weeks with Mommy and random backup if necessary

M: four weeks of overnight camp; one week of CIT at art camp; three weeks of Mommy and random backup if necessary; the rest on Eva's every-day-different schedule, but with the freedom to make her own plans

Now if only slackerdom will similarly triumph on the bat mitzvah front!

And with that, I sign off for a week. No Screens Week at E's school is May 7-14, and the familial consensus is no screens for any of us, except that I can do work, but I cannot blog (I'm not supposed to read blogs either...). See you in a bit, probably.

(Oh, but a special exception will be made tomorrow at 7--maybe 7:30--to see S on TV...Channel 5, if anyone local is interested.)

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Jenny Davidson said...

No screens?!? Too cruel! Enjoy...