Saturday, May 24, 2008


When M was eleven she:

- spent eight weeks at summer camp

- hiked across the tallest glacier in Europe

- started middle school

- learned a bunch of Latin verb tenses and vocabulary words

- successfully survived mean girls

- made about a hundred million new friends

- sent about a hundred million texts, emails, and chat messages

- went to her first dance (and many more)

- had her first slow dance (and many more)

- got her first boyfriend (and I'll spare her embarassment by saying no more about that)

- swam 50 under :50 in at least two strokes, possibly three (obviously I am a terrible swim mother)

- flew across the Atlantic with her cousin (also eleven)

- was totally awesome the great majority of the time

Will she go on to bigger and better things at twelve? I have no doubt!

Happy Birthday M!


snowbaby said...

And played and fought with me. H B MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. E

Libby said...

happy birthday, M! (of course the fact that you met my M and me at age 11 pales in comparison to the rest...still, we're really glad it happened!)

Jenny Davidson said...

Yes, happy birthday to M! Also, I am glad that you and E had a good evening of errands and conversation!

Kelly said...

Happy birthday M!! Here's to grand adventures in the year of 12!

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday, M! I always forget that you pushed her out on my sister's birthday. Hope you all are celebrating some great big lovely way this weekend!

jackie said...

Happy birthday, M! May many more great adventures be before you!

friend said...

happy birthday M

Jane said...

Happy Birthday (a day late) M. Each year you and N forge ahead and each year you amaze your parents and me and J. Love you. Miss you.

addy said...

Happy Belated M! Hope you had a FABULOUS day!:)