Saturday, May 17, 2008

Why I'm Not Good at Facebook

And will never Twittr.

Because I actually thought of doing a status update. I was going to say "is feeling like a slave." But then I immediately thought that's kind of offensive, because of course I'm not a slave, and race, and power, and all that. So I thought I could add a disclaimer, that of course I'm not a slave, but that would be dumb. And then I thought, not only am I feeling like a slave, but I'm feeling like a slave who is unappreciated by her masters. But then I thought, that's oxymoronic, because it is inherent in the nature of slavery, or at least it is generalized in the nature of slavery, to be unappreciated by one's masters. And then I thought I could put all that in, but that would be ridiculous.

So I blogged instead.

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Jenny Davidson said...

Yes, I think those status updates are to be avoided. I was very tempted to write one in the small hours of the morning earlier today that would say "is more trouble than she is worth," but really it was not a good idea, fortunately I restrained myself and did not write a cri de coeur blog post either!