Monday, July 28, 2008

Birthday Weekend Scoreboard

Presents: two bags (I've been almost as obsessed with bags as with shoes--oh dear, am I becoming an accessory queen?) (and if you make it to the end of the post, maybe I'll tell you about the two pair of shoes I bought today), slippers, earrings, housecleaning, money to do something fun, and...yes, start getting jealous now...Madonna tickets!

Exercise: one hot yoga class, one long run

Work: about four hours, very satisfying

Drinks: one lemon ginger martini (fabulous), two vodka gimlets, two glasses of champagne (remember, this is a birthday WEEKEND)

Food: Cambodian, Turkish, cheese

Sweets: blueberry coffeecake, two delicious chocolate things that weren't quite cake but one had salt on it which is the best

Art: Turner (loved the watercolors)

Celebrants: S, M, and E; Aunt M; a collection of friends from a past life who look great; my oldest friend

Shoes: the new ones, out of vanity, leaving me with completely mangled feet, leaving me no choice but to finally give in to the prevailing motif and buy some nice black flipflops, which do not rub against any of the existing raw spots, and are in fact quite cute and comfortable, and while I was there, I could not help but buy these (in red), even though they have absolutely nothing to do with anything I need


Kate P. said...

What bags did you get?! I need a new bag and have been spending waaay to much time obsessing about bags on various websites.

Libby said...

wait, the new Danskos mangled your feet? Say it isn't so!

Sounds like a great weekend!