Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh God, Here We Go Again

Except I don't know where we're going. Is this (see esp. L10) the beginning of another pathetic collapse, or are they going to dramatically turn it around and kick everyone's butts, or is it going to be an ugly struggle to eke out that wild card spot and then drag themselves through to the end? And will I be able to bear it? Or should I just surf the internet for more shoes?

(Speaking of important things, can we all regain our outrage over these Monica Goodling findings? She asked people their opinions on same-sex marriage and abortion? She complained about someone who admired Condoleeza Rice because Rice is pro-choice? She asked people about their party affiliations? WHILE HIRING FOR THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT? [The Post article is better, but you need to sign in.] What is wrong with us that we're just sitting here taking this shit? Why aren't we lying down in the street in front of the White House with copies of the Constitution in our arms?!) (I know, I've said this before, and really it's self-disgust at my own failure to do anything but scream silently in righteous outrage, but...but...BUT!!!!!!!!!!)

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