Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oh Dear, There Goes My Indie Cred

Just discovered that E's name has been steadily rising in popularity since about three years before she was born. It still hasn't cracked the top 100, but looks like it's on its way. (Why did I look this up? Because someone told me recently, I think, that it was something like in the top 10, which I knew wasn't true, but I was still curious.) We've hardly met any child Es, as yet.

We wanted an E name to name her after my grandmothers, and we considered and discarded what is now a very popular name (which actually isn't an E name, but still would have named her after one of my grandmothers), because while I was pregnant a few movie stars grabbed it (and thank goodness for that, because it has become wildly popular, though of course that's probably why). We also considered a radically unpopular and quite pretentious name that I still kind of love, but decided it wouldn't fly in No Longer Red State (it remains radically unpopular, not even cracking the top 1000 in the last 50 years).

I decided, when she was a toddler, that she shouldn't have been E at all, she should have been Allegra and called Ally. This had something to do with her blond curls at the time, as well as her sunny personality. I know: weird. (No, duh, of course not weird, totally Longfellow! How could I never have realized that till this moment? Except I was conflating two of them!) Now I have accepted her E-ness. But I do hope we are not in for a major influx of Es. At least if there is one, ours will be obviously in the vanguard (and at least she's not Violet...) (no offense to our beloved and barely vanguardy--or at least pre-Ben and Jen--Violet).

Edited to add: Link for this site here. And looks like M peaked the year she was born (!) and has been falling since--not that it got very high at all.

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