Monday, July 07, 2008

Family Night at Farm Camp

Q: How many families brought their picnics in Whole Foods shopping bags?

A: Lots. Including us.

Upscale white people aside (and, truly, this is the whitest camp ever, aside from the Chinese girls with white parents, really to the point of it being a fairly dramatic failing on the part of what is otherwise a lovely camp with great values, because you have to work really hard to be a progressive sort of camp and not make at least a marginal effort to recruit some of the legions of children of color just a few short miles away), anyway, upscale white people (including us, of course) aside, I remain a huge camp fan (to nobody's surprise, I'm sure), and Family Night at Farm Camp was no exception: goofy counselors, adorable children, camp songs, nonsensical skits, and proud, excited E guiding us around the barnyard. Mmm, summer.

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