Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bag Lust

Despite my bag obsession, I have never gone for the designer bag thing. Why? Because: 1) I am all about the aesthetics and the function; 2) I have, when it comes to bags, less than zero interest in the status; and 3) I have not, when it comes to designer bags, anything near the funding. Not to mention the fact that most designer bags strike me as supremely ugly (i.e. the aesthetics over the status).

But then I saw this bag. And while I can't say I get the designer bag thing (a new bag every season? all that money on bags? renting bags?), I very much and totally wish I could get that bag.


postacademic said...

Why are all 600 dollar bags so darn ugly? So many buckles, or patent leather, or weird colors, or general fussiness. None of it appeals, and I can't understand why - when I like so many other trashy, useles things.

postacademic said...

Speaking of which, p. 726 of September Vogue, my sister's horse under naked Daniel Radcliffe. I fed Zoe, the horse, hay!

with apologies for using your blog to write what should be in my own...