Sunday, August 17, 2008


Scene: I am working at the dining room table. My Husband is on the computer in the living room (it turns out he is working too, but this is not relevant, because he is going to work in a few hours, and that is his official worktime). My Children are playing all over the house.

My Children: Mommy, we're hungry, can you make us some lunch?

My Husband (quietly): I'll make you lunch.

Me: Why, when you know I am working, and Daddy is right there on the computer, are you asking ME to make you lunch?

My Youngest Child: Because you're our mommy.

So much for feminist childrearing. At least we're doing OK on the feminist husband front (then again, we may simply have scored on the chef husband front).


jackie said...

We have had that same conversation many times in our house. So frustrating.

Sinda said...

My children know better - Daddy is a far more reliable meal-maker! Plus, I make what I like, and he makes what they like.

Libby said...

maybe it's time for M to take on lunch-making duties? Seems like here, I make lunch at home--or more often, the kids do--while Mark makes the lunchbox lunches. A division of labor I'm pretty happy with.

Lauren said...

Same situation happened here a few times today. Only, it wasn't only for food but for poopoo diapers as well.