Sunday, August 10, 2008

Watching the Olympics with M

How much more do we love Natalie Coughlin, now that we know she shops at the Farmer's Market and loves to cook?  We definitely love her.  Even if her world record is kaput.

How impressed with Bob Costas are we for his hammering of the president?  Impressed.

How disgusted are we that this man is our president, and has been for almost eight years?  I mean, we're always disgusted, but when we actually see him speak...we're left speechless with disgust ("American has no problems"?!  The country you live in is where??).

How dazzled are we by Shawn Johnson?  As dazzled as everyone else, which is to say totally dazzled.

And Michael Phelps?  Yeah, baby, he's the swim god of the universe.

Edited to add: M on The Suit: Everyone's wearing it, they have to be wearing it, they're gonna lose if they don't.

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