Thursday, August 28, 2008

What I Have Accomplished Today

- Sent M's immunization record to her school

- Arranged for M to re-enter the gifted program she dropped out of last year

- Signed M up for dance classes (her swim team has disbanded for the moment, so she's decided to try dance, which makes my life so much simpler, as dance is around the corner and involves no parental transportation, plus dance does not interfere with dinner)

- Transported M to grandparents

- Picked up M's friend and transported her to M at grandparents

- Monitored activities of M and friend once they returned from grandparents

- Paid enormous late movie fine and rented more movies which will inevitably engender more fines

- Wrote 20-page handbook for giant project at E's school that I am thankfully handing off to other stooges--I mean dedicated volunteers

- Wrote draft of materials for board I'm on

- Made deviled eggs

- Fed and attempted to nurture ailing E (who watched TV the entire day, enabling my productivity, though I was never more than 10 feet from her, except when I was getting her food or one of us was in the bathroom)

- Organized social event (OK, that was just emailing a bunch of people who turn out to know each other to say we should get together and proffering time and place that were accepted)

And it's only 5:30. And Lucy should show up any minutes, so maybe I'll even have some fun!

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Erika said...

Hats off! And best wishes for fun and fulfilling year for all members of the family...