Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Current Small Problems

My head still itches. Five people have checked me--including two school nurses and two teachers--and found nothing: no lice, no nits. I have done Nix twice and mayonnaise/white vinegar once (same as the girls who no longer seem to itch, as well they shouldn't given how often I combed them). I don't itch as badly as I did at the beginning--and it's not sympathetic itching, because I was the one who itched first--but I still itch.

I can't find a bathing suit for E. She needs a good racing-type suit for swim team, and the stores are all out, Speedos start too big, and Tyr is way too expensive.

I need a babysitter. I suppose, in the interests of political correctness and familial harmony, I should say we need a babysitter, but really I need a babysitter, because for the most part S is at work, which means I need back-up for things I need to do and an easy escape for things I want to do. Most specifically, I need babysitters for October 24 and 29, one being a have to do, one being a want to do. But I also would like to see a movie, go out to dinner with a friend, go to a meeting without bringing the girls, have a life. Our most excellent babysitters (best friends who both have cars) have gone to college. I had two graduate students lined up, but neither has a car and they are both ridiculously busy--I've given one of them five dates and she could do only one, which I turned out not to need. We know a few high school students, but it's a bit awkward because they are the older siblings of M's friends, plus their parents are friends of ours, and they are only in 9th and 10th grade, so while they have potential to be good babysitters for E sometimes, I can't exactly keep them till midnight on a school night while I go see a band. (The car thing is important because I can't take a babysitter home and leave the girls alone asleep in the house, though I suppose I could if it was just in the neighborhood, but the grad students are not in the neighborhood.)


Kate said...

i'll babysit! we're moving around where your sister lived (lives?) (i'm trying to be vague for the sake of the blog) on october 15th.....can't wait to see you sometime!

parodie said...

While it's not a solution to all your woes, cab fare can be equivalent to a ride home, if you don't want to leave the kids (or it's late, or you've had a few drinks, or ...).

Phantom Scribbler said...

We don't have to stay until midnight, silly!