Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I Think I've Found My People

My new love for Jezebel is summed up in this sentence:

The story ends happily, with the law firm Cleary Gottlieb's managing partner Mark Walker, who wasn't at the lady luncheon, sending everyone an email pointing out the stupidity of the Glamour editor and of fashion magazines and yeah pretty much all the things we here at Jezebel hold so near and reviled.

"Near and reviled": EXACTLY.

I pointed out to S last night that I am hopelessly superficial. Pam Thompson, on the other hand, is deep and meaningful and literary and political and non-gluten and all the things I've always thought I would be a better person if I were (I know that sounds like snark, but it's not). Anyway, she has a new book and a new blog, so check them out.

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Anonymous said...

Btw, I think she may be lurking on yours!