Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Have You Seen Papelbon's Jig?

It's a sight to be seen. (Truly, I was as thrilled as the next fan when they were celebrating Friday night, but, the grown men shaking up the champagne bottles and holding them out from their waists while they sprayed white foam all over each other and the crowd? Uh, does nobody else think that's a little, well, you know...)

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cheetah_676 said...

I -love- the jig. Okay, I'll admit the waist-high spurting champaign is a bit suggestive, but these are guys who constantly stand around with their man-bits resting on the top of a bat. But the dancing: I live for this. The combination of joyous dancing and that stare-of-death he's giving the camera; that's why I watch these guys.