Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Whine

This was my ninth evening in a row of solo parenting.* And I was completely on my own from Wednesday before kids woke up to Sunday after they went to bed.** And I have had a semi-sick kid since Thursday morning (including E home most of Thursday and all of Friday). And I am so close to finishing a huge project, and all I want to do is work, but instead I am taking kids to swim team and making them dinner and supervising their homework and putting them to bed.

I am really sick of my kids. And I am not being very nice to them. And E is particularly high-spirited and chatty these days, and I just want her to shut up and finish her dinner. And M is mopey and not feeling well, and I am trying hard to be patient, but we both know I am failing.

And that's it.

*Necessary disclaimer to show I am aware of my privilege: Many parents are on their own all the time, and they have it much worse than I do. People whose houses are burning and people in Iraq have it worse too. But I'm just me, and this is how I have it.

**Factual disclaimer: There were grandparents involved on two of those nights, but I was still the only parent.


Libby said...

I feel your pain. I don't do much solo parenting but when I do I get very cranky very quickly. Both kids were sick recently and their dad was really really busy and even though they are both reasonably self-sufficient at this point it just felt like the biggest burden in the world Whine away--

Sinda said...

For whatever reason, I thought of you the other day.

I was thinking that you're probably really fed up with going it alone so much. Not in an anti-S way, but more an acknowledgment that his restaurant where you are now seems to be going well, and he's understandably very involved there, and that translates to lots of alone time for you. Well, not alone, you'd probably LOVE alone time, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, I totally get it, a break or two makes all the difference, and you haven't had the luxury of one yet. Hang in there -

postacademic said...

Dude - anybody finishing up a big project like you are would be irritated like hell by any distraction - child, pet, partner, etc. So I think it is OK to be pissy right now - I know I would be. Go Red Sox!!