Monday, April 09, 2007

A Few Things, Including the Sunday Times

When did the public sphere run out of money? When I was a kid, I don't remember constant rounds of cuts, but maybe I just wasn't paying attention. It makes me insane that my school district has to make cuts and add fees to make up an $850,000 deficit, when corporate jackass bigwigs make that much money in a week and spend it on corporate jets and $6,000 shower curtains. And don't get me started on police, parks, and health care.

I think I deserve some credit for not saying two things that didn't need to be said today. One I started to say half a dozen times and stopped myself, and now I think the urge is gone. The other was an impulse of the moment in response to negative stimulus, but I made myself take a break and then realized that not only did it not need to be said, but it would have been a bad thing to say it, so I didn't. These are big accomplishments given my general need to say everything (hence the blog?). I pat myself on the back.

But enough about me. How about that Sunday NY Times? Boring, or what? Still, because one who says everything can always come up with something, I'll muster a few comments.

It eventually lagged, but overall this essay was pretty funny, especially the Sting motif.

The first four sentences of this article, on the other hand, are some of the worst writing I've seen in public in a while. Editor, much?

Why is Alex Kuczynski pretending that Paulina Porizkova actually wrote this book? And are there enough high-point consonants in that sentence?

I love this shoe (saw it in the Times, but couldn't link there).

Ugly shoes, anyone?

Any philosophers in the house? This is hilarious. (Yes, I've gotten away from the Times, but I needed to share.)


jackie said...

I know-- I tried to get through the first TWO sentences of that article on heckling and was so horrified by the writing I couldn't proceed.

Also, our city's school system just turned a budget riddled with so many inconsistencies and errors that our city council was publicly dumbfounded. This is the system that was nearly bankrupted last year. WTF?

Addy said...

Wouldn't your toes eventually poke out of those little ballet slippers? I'm not down with crocheted shoes.

Sinda said...

Interestingly enough, the Sunday Times is still in its bag in my car...we never got around to reading it. I guess we could sense that it wouldn't be worth our time!