Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Nights

1. Go to bed (generally at a reasonable hour, because these days I am exhausted).

2. Lie awake.

3. Eventually fall asleep.

4. Sleep solidly till around 4 a.m. (it's been 4 just about every night, but last night it was 2:30).

5. Lie awake. Try to lie still and relax. Toss and turn. Try not to think. Think. Try to avoid being manhandled by E if she has ended up in the bed. If manhandling is unavoidable, escape to E's bed (rare variation: get up and do something like read or, last night, taxes).

6. Doze a bit, on and off.

7. If lucky, fall back into solid sleep, though usually not till it is almost time to wake up, as signalled by light, S, or alarm.

1 comment:

Libby said...

ugh. I hate that 4 am waking--which I've been through more than once myself. Somewhere I read an article about sleep patterns that suggested that a middle-of-the-night waking was normal, that our ancestors did it, and that it's fine to get up and use that time productively--but it still feels wrong to me. Hope it passes for you before too long.