Sunday, April 01, 2007

A Post About E

Never one to be left in the dust, E, upon hearing that I had written a post about M, demanded her own post. So here are some things E did this weekend:

1. Informed me that whenever you add a number to itself, you get an even number, because when you add a number to itself, like, take for example five, you get two of every number, like two ones, two twos, two threes, two fours, and two fives, which means you get five twos, so it is even.

2. Constructed a case for an egg (consisting of a plastic quart container with marshmallows at the bottom, the egg in the middle, and newspaper on the top, wrapped in the leg of my lavender corduroy pants [whose seat split in two places yesterday when I squatted down to lace her skates] and a towel, tied like a Christmas cracker), dropped the case out her (second-story) window, and did not break the egg! (This exercise was initiated because M's homework this weekend is to construct a case for an egg to be dropped three stories without breaking--M's is a complicated endeavor involving marshmallow fluff, jello, and wings, which which I refuse to be involved.)

3. Found all the chametz in the pantry, organized the packages by size, packed them in bags, and took the bags down to the basement (OK, I helped a little, but, really, she did most of it).

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