Tuesday, April 24, 2007

For the Record

M and E went swimming outdoors for the first time this year on April 22.

And now, some questions:

1) What's with the leap from winter to summer? Spring, anyone? That gentle moment of daffodils, soft sunshine, and light breezes? You know: April with her shoures sweete? Wherefore hath it goneth?

2) Is sunscreen from last year still efficacious?

3) If I have brought the sandals out, does that mean it's time to put the boots away? (I'm talking the five pairs of black boots, one of which I wore four days out of five last week, not the snowboots.)

4) Could eyelash extensions possibly be worth it? (Not that I'm considering it, indeed, I never heard of them until this morning when I saw an advertisement.)


Chris said...

I have read that you should replace your sunscreen each year. I have been known to use it early in the following year and it still worked.

Margi said...

I just learned the hard way that year-old sunscreen can lose its mojo. It certainly didn't keep my very fair-skinned 3 yo (whom I slathered with the stuff) from getting a killer sunburn this weekend.

landismom said...

Definitely replace your sunscreen. And I agree, it's odd to have snow one weekend, and kids playing in the sprinkler the next!