Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Guilty as Charged, Sort Of

My girls love getting pedicures. So sue me, because I do too. I'll cop to being indulgent, but hyper-sexualizing my kids by letting them have their toenails painted with sparkles and designs? I really don't think so. (We don't, however, do make-up, which may be the heart of Wiseman's point.) (Actually, come to think of it, in No Longer Red State we had tons of make-up, which I have no idea how we acquired. All played with for about ten minutes, then ignored, except when occasionally rediscovered. None of it made the move, and it hasn't been replaced. Aside from nail polish.) (Of course, pedicures and pretend make-up probably take on a differenc valence when your mom is constantly lecturing you about ads, brands, and objectification.) (None of which, clearly, do I feel apply to pedicures.)

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jackie said...

I cannot articulate it, but I feel like there's such a big distinct difference between nail polish and make-up. I have no defense, just a gut feeling.