Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Blog As An Airborne Commercial

E got a nasty cold. Nasty in its coldness, but also in its whininess. Whininess is one of the criteria we use to judge how sick our kids are: it usually goes in inverse proportion to actual illness, i.e. the more they whine, the less sick they really are, because when they're really sick, they just lie there and are pathetic. However this cold, which is pretty bad, is accompanied by pretty bad whines, which doubles the unpleasantness.

At any rate, E was sick, and then she got better (luckily, nasty as it is, this cold lasts only about three days).

I felt like maybe I was getting sick. I took Airborne, maybe twice. I was fine. A few days later I felt the beginnings of a few symptoms. I took Airborne, this time for a little longer. I'm fine.

S started to feel like he was getting sick. I made him take Airborne. He had one day of dragginess and a bit of whining, and now he's fine.

M started to feel sick. She pointblank refused to take Airborne. She said it tasted yucky. I urged; I cajoled: no dice. Now M has the nasty cold. She is hot, she has a headache, she is blowing her nose constantly, she feels terrible, she is whiny. She also has agreed that next time she will take the Airborne, because it's better to taste terrible for a few moments than to feel terrible for days.

I tell you, that company should hire us as shills! Only they don't even need to, because we're doing it for free.

(Placebo or remedy, I don't care: it works.)


Jane said...

I wish I had known this LAST week!

Good for me, too, I found out it's gluten free...

Kelly said...

I take it too. While I spent an inordinate amount of my life sick in the last 8 months, I also averted at least a dozen nasties with Airborne. I think it works great for viral, not so great for bacterial.

Hope she gets over it but fast and gives you some peace...

addy said...

I heart Airborne. Also, tell M I love the apple cider flavor (it's the nighttime version). My mom hates the taste of it too.
Will she try their Power Pixies? They're for kids and they taste like cherry pixie sticks. But I hate those. My mom likes those.