Sunday, April 27, 2008

Babysitter Ethics

I know there's been much discussion of the ethics of stealing your friend's babysitter (basically bad karma--I had a friend who did it to me, and I was not happy), but what if your babysitter recommends a friend when she can't make it, and then your kids like the friend better than the original babysitter?

There should be some kind of joke that can be produced out of the chiasmus of friend's babysitter and babysitter's friend.

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Lauren said...

Hi, new reader here. This happened when I was a kid. My parents knew the teenage girl from church, but then her friend babysat and we never went back. The friend was just more involved. The twist is, years later when I had a 1 year old I had the original babysitter, now a mother of 2, watch my little girl.