Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sunday Times

Lately the Sunday Times has gone pretty much unread, sitting in a stack on the living room table or the floor next to the bed, only to be recycled on Saturday, to make room for the next day's arrival.

Last night, however, I actually read some of it, and it was actually good!

My recommendations:

Frank Rich--who usually bores me, despite our shared impeccable liberal credentials--is excellent on American shame and the war (but for some reason the column seems to have disappeared from the website--there's a link if you google effectively, but it's empty, and the column is absent from Rich's page, at least as I write this on Tuesday morning...very odd).

A.O. Scott is sweet, if a bit empty (examples of prose and opinions would have been good) on Roger Ebert, though the timing and content of the piece make me fear it is a preemptive eulogy.

A lovely profile of Faith Prince. One of my great spectatorial regrets is not seeing her in Guys and Dolls.

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