Monday, April 21, 2008

Cake Postscript

I'm big on separating needs and wants, but I do believe that I NEED an extra bowl for the KitchenAid, because when you have to beat both yolks and whites, and then fold, you end up using both the KitchenAid and the hand mixer, as well as three bowls, though I can't quite explain the three bowls, and it seems like it would make so much sense if there were just two bowls for the KitchenAid, though writing that last post seems to have boggled my mind, and I can't quite explain why.


Krispy said...

I'm totally with ya on the two bowls thing. Gone so far as to price them. But MAN! that would be handy!

Sinda said...

Hey, Kris is here.

I have to say that I've blindly accepted that there is only one bowl, my whole life - it never even occurred to me that I could get another bowl. This is life changing!