Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Books I Have Not Yet Read

The real reason Matt and Ben are so cool is their moms. Seriously. Check out Matt's mom's new book. I know I usually take the pro-pop-culture/it's-really-not-so-bad-out-there position, but she's not just bashing, she's analyzing and then making practical suggestions for how to deal (how do I know all this if I haven't read the book? I read the article) (don't you want to look as good as her when you're a grandmother? of course, it probably helps to be Matt's mom) (yeah, I don't know what that meant either).

And then there's the 70s-white-girl-singer book, about which I know nothing, except that it Must. Be. Read.

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jackie said...

Definitely good genes in that pool-- makes me like him even more. I wish-listed both of those books! Did I tell you that I read the Patti Boyd book? I thought it was very well done, and made her seem very likeable.