Sunday, April 27, 2008

Why I Love British Newspapers

Actually, I love all newspapers, which is quite tragic, given that newspapers will disappear within the very near future, and I will be the one remaining mourner. But British newspapers are particularly excellent, first because there are so many of them and they so thoroughly satisfy all desires, from the lowest of low to the starchiest of starch (OK, went here and here, and I guess none of them are that starchy any more, but the idea of them is starchy), not to mention loony left (S's preferred read, and one of my political go-tos, though I tend toward the liberal upscale--we usually end up buying both, and then reading the tabs on the Tube), but also because their content is so excellently varied, in such an excellently British way (read low/starchy/left/upscale, not to mention...well, let's just get to the example already).

I ended up with a copy of today's Observer and the Food Monthly epitomizes the brilliant olio that is the British newspaper, with articles on whether food is better than sex, what Palestinians and other refugees eat, and stoned hippie traveler food (absolutely right on the banana pancakes: ubiquitous whether you're in Lamu, Goa, or Kathmandu). Can you even imagine one of those articles in the NY Times on Wednesday, let alone all of them?!

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