Friday, April 18, 2008

Simulacrum of a Summer Evening

Picked up E on way home from work, walking. Both of us in t-shirts. She complaining that it was too hot on the playground. Me limping from wearing my shoes over bare feet.

Went for a nice run with M, despite blisters. Wore shorts and t-shirt (different t-shirt) for first time this year.

Fields filled with kids playing soccer and baseball. Bike path filled with bikes.

Left M at baseball field by pond where we ran into a bunch of her friends.

Went home and made dinner while E, revived from her playground pain by TV, popcorn, and coldy peas (don't worry, we didn't leave her home alone, T was here to refill popcorn and coldy peas), played outside, including hula hooping and tree climbing.

M came home. Ate dinner on front porch. Toddler next door watched us from his window with great fascination and refused to take his bath.

More hula hooping, by M and E.

Girls went to park. Showered.

Waylaid by A and C as I walked through A's backyard on my way to the park to get girls. Sat and chatted as the evening darkened. Girls, with A's M, returned in search of me.

Went to gift-ish store to spend gift certificate. Bought earrings, barrette, lip balm (desperately needed, in a wintry kind of way), mini-reading light for M, little game and bug pins for E.

Italian ice at corner store.

Sox victory.

(It would all be delightful if only--kids finally in bed, cake finally baked, though still in needing of construction--I weren't sitting down to work. Sometimes this consultant thing is just a total drag.)

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Kathy said...

I ran in shorts and a t-shirt for the first time today too. Such a summer day in the best sort of way!