Monday, October 20, 2008

Notes and Queries

Once again, I hate my new haircut, but nobody else has noticed it.

Haven't turned the heat on yet. 62 is fine; 56 is not.

Am eager to see Rachel Getting Married and Happy-Go-Lucky, because I'm kind of girlie and indie like that, but I fear my next big-screen experience will be High School Musical 3.

The first season of 30 Rock didn't do it for me, but, yeah, the second is pretty funny.

Doorknobs. Must get doorknobs.

Does anyone besides me do a double-take whenever they see the new Macy's ad campaign because it looks just like Target?

Does anyone besides me think that Sarah Palin's SNL performance was quintessential Sarah Palin: looked cute and did nothing?


Lauren said...

You are not alone on the Palin impression. Why were morning news people (MSNBC specifically) gushing about how wonderful she was? I don't get it. And it's not funny she won't answer questions.

landismom said...

I confess -- did not watch Palin on SNL, and have avoided it online. I just can't spend another minute of my life watching her talk.

10/24 is the hubs' and my 10th anniversary. Both of the kids have sleepovers. The Bee's friend's mother just emailed me to say she was taking the girls to see HSM3. Best.Anniversary Present. Ever!