Thursday, October 09, 2008

Post-Yom Kippur

Plowing through my overflowing inbox, after taking an all-family computer break in the name of atonement, I found a ridiculous email from someone at work. I went so far as to hit the forward button, type the names of two other co-workers into the "To:" box, and write half a snarky comment--and then I stopped myself, deleted my email, and went back to my inbox.

The benefits of atoning--or at least of spending the day thinking about how to be a better person, inspired by good services, including Ne'ila, which M and I attended, me for the second time in my life, her for the first (her first full fast, too), and which, even though it extended the fast for an hour, was truly beautiful and inspiring. The afternoon walk at the cemetery with the girls and my mom was also most excellent--even, or maybe especially, visiting L's grave, though also the general beauty of it all (it's a beautiful cemetery).

Really, I am ready to be a better person--or at least to keep trying. And so far, so good...

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